Monday, August 9, 2010

Current Packages for the Nu Package Management

I’ve been doing Rub on Rails now for about 3 months, and I’m really getting into it.  So many nice libraries and conventions to help get applications out the door faster.  Unfortunately my RoR work doesn’t pay the bills yet.  By day I’m a .NET developer.  Recently I came across a blog post written by Ayende Rahien that mentions the use of a new package management utility for .NET developers.  For years Ruby on Rails developers have enjoyed the luxury of installing libraries using the gem utility.  Its really handy to have at your disposal.  Read up on it.  There is now a similar package management utility available for .NET developers called Nu, short for Nubular.  If you read Ayende Rahien’s blog you’ll see how it works.

Current Nu packages are available here

I hope this project catches on and the list continues to grow.  This is going to make things really handy and really quick to get the latest versions of the most common libraries that I use for development.  Best of all now I don’t have to do the package management myself on some file share of mine.

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