Saturday, August 27, 2011

A new chapter

Next week Wednesday Aug 31st I start a new chapter in my computer career.  I’m going back to school.  Well, kind of.  I’m taking a Ruby on Rails class.  It’s a full semester 3 credit course, but I’m only taking it as a continuing education program.  The class itself is an elective for the college’s computer science program.  In order for me to take it I had to get an instructor authorization for enrollment.  But no biggy there.  I’m very excited for this.  The Ruby on Rails community has always intrigued me.  And there are .NET and Java developers moving to Ruby on Rails in droves.  Over the past year or so I’ve dabbled with Ruby on Rails from time to time.  But I never felt confident enough with it to take on a big project.  It is my hope that this class will get me to a more comfortable level.

Last weekend I attended the first ever Madison Ruby conference.  It was AWESOME!!!  Very enlightening being around that crowd.  I met some great people and discovered some new opportunities that I can get involved with.  For example the Mad-Railers group that meets here in town.  The Mad-Railers are a Ruby on Rails user group.  They meet the last Monday of each month.  Very excited for that as well.

It is my intention to do some more blogging over the next few months.  Mostly with my experiences as a .NET developer moving towards Ruby on Rails.  There is a mind shift that has to take place.