Friday, July 1, 2011

Performance issues with Visual Studio 2010

I’ve been noticing some performance issues with Visual Studio 2010.  Specifically when I type.  The editor wasn’t able to keep up.  And I’m not a super fast typer, 55 wpm.  I have a few plugins installed, mainly ones you can get via the Extension Manager along with DevExpress’ Code Rush Pro.  I thought maybe it was the accumulation of all the plugins trying to do their thing behind the scenes.  I’ve tried disabling or uninstalling plugins, but that didn’t really help.  Plus once you get use to using the added features that the plugins provide, you start to feel crippled after they are gone.  So I searched around a bit, and found that the culprit was, “My video card”????  Turns out its an easy fix.  Tools –> Options.  I unchecked the three check boxes from below.  Restarted Visual Studio, and that fixed it.