Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hello World

This is my first post. I've been meaning to start blogging, but never got around to setting one up. What was holding me up? Trying to find a meaningful name. Something catchy, easy to for readers to remember. What best fits what I want to write about. Something all encompassing. Well maybe not all encompassing, but close enough. I've been a computer programmer professionally now for about 7 years. The latest bit of technology I'm reading about is a Microsoft product called Linq (pronounced Link). Linq stands for Language Integrated Query. If you are not a programmer, you won't find this interesting at all. But if you are, and you don't know what Linq is, check it out. Its great. Basically its a way to interact with several types of data sources all in a very common way. Linq is very extensible, and several flavors of it have been popping up all over the web. Linq to SQL and Linq to Xml are apart of .NET 3.5. Linq to Amazon, Linq to Active Directory, Linq to Oracle, Linq to SAP, some very cool stuff here. It hit me one night, Linq 2 You. Thats what blogs are anyway. Scribing my thoughts, for the world to read. This blog is my Linq 2 you.

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